Ms. Cokie M. Nanka

MCP Candidate

The Liberia Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Center (LIMPAC) has received and welcomed Ms. Cokie M. Nanka from the United States of America on internship as a Research Fellow. Ms. Nanka has a solid foundation in Community & Economic Development.


She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations with concentration on International Security and a Minor in Italian Studies from the TUFTS University, Medford, Massachusetts. She is an MCP candidate with concentration in Community & Economic Development with relevant courses including; Modeling Geographic Objects (GIS), and Quantitative Planning Analysis, Migration & Development, Techniques of Urban Economic Development, and Adapting Formality and Informality in Rapidly Urbanizing Places.

Ms. Nanka will be an asset to LIMPAC and Liberia at large.


The intern is expected to stay in Liberia for the period of six (6) weeks, after which she will return to the United States of America to complete her graduate program in Research. While in Liberia, she is expected to conduct two research studies on government assets management and community development. She is also expected to further her qualitative and quantitative skills related to community and economic development within the context of Liberia.



LIMPAC as an institution charged with the responsibilities of research and policy designs encourages the best brains especially Liberians to contribute in the rebuilding of our nation. It was from that backdrop that we welcome Ms. Nanka at LIMPAC while conducting her graduate study in Research at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania. Quoted Mr. Wreh.


I am grateful to the LIMPAC family for affording me the opportunity to serve as intern in this unique sector. I have always wished to give back to my country in whatsover way possible. Now that I have the opportunity, I can assure LIMPAC that every second spent here will be worthwhile. Though I have just few weeks here to conduct my research, I will ensure that my contributions surpass the length of my stay in Liberia. While away, I will always avail myself to LIMPAC should incase my help or service is needed. I say a big thank you to Mr. Del-Francs Wreh. I am forever grateful. She stated.


Ms. Nanka is expect to start work immediately as to get back to the United States of America to complete her graduate program.


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